at The Inn at Perkins Cove, is the epitome of indulgence, delivering a seamless fusion of high-end dining and the welcoming aura of Ogunquit, ME. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable culinary adventure or a romantic dinner, this is a destination that promises to delight and inspire. Questions? Call us today at 207.216.9659.


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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Ogunquit, ME, lies the Inn at Perkins Cove, home to the exclusive Il Covo restaurant. This upscale establishment is a gem of local cuisine, serving up gastronomic marvels in an atmosphere that perfectly combines Maine’s rustic charm with an unmistakably elegant touch.

As you step into Il Covo , the first thing that strikes you is the sublime combination of historic charm and modern luxury. The inviting fireplace, elegant bar, and warm lighting add a cozy ambiance that complements the quaint village in which it is nestled.

The food is the beating heart of Il Covo. Rooted in local produce and seasonal availability, the menu is a tribute to the region’s abundant sea and farm offerings. Exceptional chefs craft creative dishes like the Saikyo Miso Bass and the Aged Wood-Fired Steak, providing patrons with a delectable fusion of traditional and innovative culinary trends. Each dish is impeccably presented, embodying an edible work of art, and the taste is as captivating as the visuals.

A meal at Il Covo is more than just a dining experience; it’s a sensory journey. With its meticulously paired wine list, drawn from both New World and Old World vineyards, every plate comes alive with a symphony of flavors that dance harmoniously on your palate.

Staff members at Il Covo  are as polished as the cutlery, with an unobtrusive yet attentive service style. Their detailed knowledge of the menu, coupled with their recommendations, is aimed to ensure every guest’s experience is personalized and memorable.

Hours of Operation

4:00pm – 9:00pm
1:00pm – 10:00pm
8:00am – 10:00pm
8:00am – 1:00pm

Contact Information

312 Shore Rd.,
Ogunquit, ME 03907